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Whippet by Ankestrick

You certainly remember Naima cardigan that I had translated in French in January. Here is another of Anke's beautiful designs: Whippet!


Who is Anke?


Anke could no answer my questions when I translated Naima, so here are her answers now...

Anke, where do you live and how old are you?
I've been living in Berlin for almost 20 years now, and moved here when I was 32 :)

How would you define your style?

It's classy to minimalistic, with a love for details and always with a little twist, to make the knitting and wearing fun!

How does your work evolve?
The work of designing and to work as a designer, for me is a never-ending process of trying to express myself with the art of knitting. I studied the fine arts and worked as an artist before I opened my graphic design studio (with a little publishing company on the side) and have been a knitting designer for about 4 years now. But the working process still stays the same. It's a consistent and very emotional alternation of ups and downs. When down, I tend to doubt myself and my skills (entirely) and in the happy up moments I am reconciled with myself! So for me, every piece brings back the time in my life when I designed it.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Well, the major inspiration comes from the garment's construction itself. I'm obsessed with neckline and shoulder constructions as I always knit from the top down. Developing the designs is more a process of researching a certain construction method, and to make it a visible design concept for the whole sweater.
This process often takes a series of garments, until I feel I fully explored the nature of a construction. However, the possibilities are endless and diving into this process is the most inspiring and exciting point of my work!
Sometimes it is the other way round, when something catches my eye and touches me. That can either be a moment, a detail or a person, and I try to transfer it into a garment, finding the best expression in color, yarn and of course: top down construction!

Quote two (knitting) designers you like:

I very much like the style of pickles (, the brand of Heidi Grønvold and Anna Enge from Norway. And the more traditional work of Kate Davies from Scotland. I admire them for their art of expressing themselves through knitting!

Whippet in a few words

image droite

Whippet is a light, mid-season cardigan to knit in Coast (merino and wool). You guessed it, Whippet is worked from the top down, starting on the buttonband in 1x1 ribbing. Its construction really looks interesting and you won't have time to get bored while knitting this easy-to-wear cardi. As usual, Anke pays attention to details and plays with a lace pattern and short rows to shape the bottom of the sweater.

To knit Whippet, you'll need:

- a Whippet kit (incuding the downloadable pdf + the yarn for your size): the pattern is in French, but I can send you the English version if you wish it. Contact me.

- one circular needle each, 2.5 mm, 3 mm and 3.5 mm

- 11 ring markers

- wast yarn

- buttons (optionnal - you'll decide how many you want)