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Two versions for the same shawl: classical or colourful! Make your choice!

A present...


Summertime will be so sweet with Volga... Perfect for summer nights, Volga will soon be adopted!


Where does it come from?

Volga is present. A present that Hélène from Soie et Laines wished to offer to PurPle Laines' customers. Hélène is fond of classical colours, PurPle Laines loves colours so we'll show you both versions. (Many other photos to see on Hélène's blog)

It's amazing to see how the choice of a colour is determinative in a pattern. worked in Fonty Bohème, Volga is an indispensable every day accessory, discreet and sober. Made in Kibou by Noro, Volga turns more rebel and your friends will soon covet it! This season ready-to-wear collections highly feature this hard blue, it'll be esay to match it. It's up to decide which version is your style.

Both versions are soft: Kibou is soft, right from the start. It is a blend of coton, wool and silk. Boheme will get softer and softer as you wear it because it's made of cotton and linen.


Hélène worked a waves stitch, which is based on yarn overs and K2tog, thus creating a wavy effect.




To make Volga, you will need:

image droite

For the solid colour version:

  • 4 balls of Fonty Bohème (here photographed in Camel 366 but there are 18 colours to choose from)
  • one 4.5 mm circular needle
  • one tapestry needles and T-pins for blocking
  • Helene's Volga tutorial*

For the muticolored version:

  • 4 balls fo Noro Kibou (here shown in shade 9 but there are 6 georgous colours available)
  • one 5.5 mm circular needle
  • one tapestry needle and T-pins for blocking
  • Helene's Volga tutorial*

* the tutorial will be offered to PurPle Laines' customers who will order the yarn to make the shawl. It will be sent by mail as a pdf; all you have to do is ask for it (in its English version) in the "message" box of your online order.