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Karen Borrel's latest sweater, simple, womanly and timeless... Knit Vistek!

Chat with Karen...

  • Who are you?

I've been living in Canada for 14 years. I have 2 daughters and a huge stash of yarn.


  • Other hobbies?

I like to cook and read and I try to run. I usually enter 2 to 3 races per year. I did few long distances races like ½ marathons but now I focus on short distance (5 to 10 km) - and I try to improve my speed. I often think of my designs while I run.


  • How long have you been knitting and who taught you?

My mother taught me when I was young, I liked knitting few blankets for my dolls. I've always been very "crafty": mosaic, cross stitch, quilting, but I always come back to yarn. I've picked up the needles again in 2002 when my 1st daughter was born. I discovered the knitting blogs and started my first blog in 2004(!!) - I only started "designing" in 2011.


  • How does your designing process work?

I make some sketches first and then I knit a swatch with the yarn I want to use. After that comes all the calculations. The pattern is almost ready before I start knitting. When I'm knitting I might (well in fact I often do) change few things as I go (because I change my mind, I have another idea or what I wanted is not working).

I got a lot of ideas of design, colors or even just a detail from Pinterest and I read a lot of techniques and stitches books from my local library.


  • How would you define your style?

I don't think I have a specific style - I really love the garter stitch, especially on kids' garment, it is stretchy and classic and never goes out of fashion, so I try to integrate this stitch in most of my patterns. I like easy and classic shapes with enough detail to make it fun and interesting.


  • What projet are you working on at the moment ? If no secret!

I've been working on few projects that will be released next fall. Over the summer I am taking a break on "designing" to spend more time on knitting just for my pleasure (without the fuss of all the math¼).


  • Who inspires you ?

I really like Veera Valimaki and our common love for garter stitch. Lately Stephen West is my new favorite shawls designer (I am currently knitting my 4th pattern, he is a true genius). And

Nadia Cretin-Lechenne is also very inspiring, I love her shawls too and her choice of colors.


image droite

Karen designed Vistek for PurPle Laines. It is really the kind of sweater every one loves: easy to make (maybe not as a 1st project), easy to wear, soft, neither too casual nor too strict... Well, the one you'll wear every day. You'll make it in Holst Garn Coast, held double, in sizes XS to L. You'll need 2 circular needles (3.5 and 4 mm). The pattern is sold in French only (at the moment) with the yarn only, as a kit. You'll find more details on the kit page. 33 colours available.

More photos on Le Blog PurPle!

Thanks to Audrey who knit one version for PurPle Laines.

Please pay a visit to Karen on her blog, Few Stitches a Day. Don't forget to congratulate her!

Thanks a lot to Karen for this pattern, for sharing it and for her interview with PurPle Laines.