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Victoria by Cherry Heart

In tribute to Queen Victoria probably or for the love of British History, Sandra Paul designed Victoria, a lovely shawl with vintage look...

Meet Sandra...


I contacted Sandra Paul, from Cherry Heart,  when I was doing some reseach for my Vitaminz CAL. Sandra designs charming, nostalgic and British style patterns. I felt like sharing her work with you here. She answers my questions...

Where do you live?
I live in a small village in Bedfordshire, it’s about 40 miles North of London.  It’s not too far from the hustle and bustle of life but it’s close enough to the country that I can walk out the door and be surrounded by tree in minutes, which is something I love about the place.

How old are you?
Well I always have to think about this one, but I’m 42 this year.  Apparently my life has now begun!

How long have you been crocheting and who taught you?
It’s been 8 years since I first picked up the crochet hook and I suppose I’m self taught really.  Me and my sister sat down on evening with a book stretched over our laps and that was the start of it all.  Although, I think if my sister hadn’t been there that night I never would have got past the chain stitch!

Do you have a part / full-time job or is designing crochet your main activity?
I’ve had a few different part-time job since my daughter was born but at the moment I’m really lucky and am able to concentrate of my crochet and craft work full time.

Can you quote 3 of your favourite blogs/ instagram accounts?
Just three?  That’s tough!  I’ll go with Amy of Nana Company, she sews rather than crochets but she’s always been one of my absolutely favourite bloggers, she's so stylish.  I also love Maaike from Crejjion and Annette of My Rose Valley, those girls make beautiful things.

What books / magazines are on your bedside table at the moment?
At the moment I’ve got Lara Neel’s 'Sock Architecture' and a Jeeves and Wooster book by PG Wodehouse on the go for bedtime reading.  But I also really like to listen to audio books, so I have Terry Pratchett’s 'Guards! Guards!' on my iPad too.

How would you define your style?
Colourful is the main word I would use but I think I have quite a girly, fun and eclectic kind style.

What advice could you give to someone who would like to start crochet?
The absolute best way to learn is to get someone to show you the ropes, so a friend, neighbour or a workshop are great ways to learn but failing that, You Tube is full of fabulous tutorials and is great.  I’d also say don’t be put off by how strange it feels to hold the yarn and form the stitches.  It’s all feels very awkwards for your hands at first but a little practise and it’ll soon feel completely natural!

What projet are you working on at the moment ? If no secret!
Well I do have a few secrets bubbling away in the back ground but I’m also working a larger version of my Painted Roses blanket at the moment.  It’s called ‘Faded Painted Roses’ and it’s hopefully going to have a soft and wonderfully vintage look I hope.

Victoria, the shawl, not the Queen!

image droite

Victoria shawl was designed to be snug, which is why Sandra made it in Baby alpaca originally. Its triangular and classical shape echoes perfectly the romantic charm of its puff stitches. The border is just gorgeous : womanly, refined and in harmony with the main pattern. If you like vintage and feminine looks, this shawl is for you; if you like knitting by the fireplace, in an old country house, this shawl is for you too. 

Sandra made 2 versions and I could tell which one is my favourite. The plain version, easier to wear? The 3 colors-version, so cute?

I created 2 types of kits to make Victoria :

- plain kits: in PurPle Alpaca, Coast held double, Supersoft, Fil de Soie held double, Kidopale, Koigu or Tosh sock.

- a few tricolour kits : in Coast held double, in Supersoft, in Alpaga. Of course, I can send you tailor-made kits with your own colours. Do not hesitate to contact me.

I cannot see anyhting particularly difficult in Sandra's pattern so I think the shawl is accessible to any crocheter but maybe not as a 1st or 2nd project.

Well, thanks a lot to Sandra for trusting me and sharing her design with French crocheters. I hope you'll make lovely romantic looks for yourself with this shawl (send me your pictures!)