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Three kits from Isabelle Kessedjian's garden

On a chilly winter morning, Mrs PurPle Laines met Isabelle Kessedjian... Together, they sowed a few seeds that Isabelle would then grow...

A tomato, a leek and a radish


No need to introduce world-renowed Isabelle Kessedjian, famous for her paintings, sculptures, crochet and papier-mâché. She invites us to share her tender and waggish univers through her canvas, her books and on her blog

For PurPle Laines Isabelle crocheted 3 adorable canvas around fresh-picked vegetables from her garden:

Every frame is about 15 cm high, they are made of PurPle Alpaga (doubled)




A kit! A kit!

image droite

You find them cute? You would love to treat yourself (or a friend) to a nice piece of radish?

Thanks to Marie Pieroni's friendship and complicity, these kits wre born. Marie Pieroni, the author and translator of many arts and crafts books, among which Le crochet, c'est facile!, created 3 little explaining cards to make these patterns.

So here there are, available here, in their tiny red gingham bag, for you to crochet like Isabelle, that is anywhere you like, with your bag hanging on your arm! You can choose between a kit with a crochet hook or without one. And you can also opt  to order the 3 of them in one kit!

Thank you so much Isabelle and  Marie for your joyfulness as well as for this delectable sharing ...