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Kids need lovely knitting patterns too; Christine from Les Wouimardis thought of them with Sinfoni!

  • Christine, where do you live?

I live in French « Département » Yonne and more precisely in Puisaye, a lovely county appropriate to reflection and inspiration.

  • How old are you?

I’m 48 and I’ve lived in this new region for 7 years now.

  • When did you learn knitting?

I started knitting at an early age; at the time with straight needle that I would firmly press under my armpits. I think my love for garter stitch dates back to then.

  • Do you have a job or is knitting your main activity?

Yes, knitting is my job. It started when we arrived in Bourgogne. It was not possible for me to start again my former activity (drawing but technical, for design offices and construction industry) so that was the right moment to launch my own business, while making my hobby a priority. And, it was also when I discovered blogs. You can then imagine how they opened new horizons…

  • Can you quote 3 IG accounts or blogs that you love?

Oups ! Instagram? Impossible for me, as my beautiful and quiet countryside can also hide slight drawbacks (so few…), like no web, white zone ; yes! It still exists, even if operators say the contrary. So, I content myself with my webfriends accounts that are accessible from my computer… But I cannot make comments of course. 
As for blogs, 3 is not enough to satisfy my interest, constantly renewed by the quality and the content of many of them. In brief, blogs remain my favourite den of iniquity, just like Pinterest of course.

  • What book or magazine is on your bedside table at the moment?

An author I love : John Irving , Last night in Twisted River, but weirdly, I find it hard to concentrate on this novel. Why? Can’t say. I prefered the one I read before and really enjoyed: Marie Cardinal, Les mots pour le dire,  not a new book, but I really had a good time reading it.  As for my bedside magazine: Passion tricot n°3 and Marie Claire Idées, even if I’ve seen myself less in it lately, I’m still attached to it ! 

  • How does your creative process work?

In the morning, I read, read and read my emails, browse on Pinterest, my favourite blogs and I answer the questions asked on my blog. All this with a large cup of coffee! I love coffee even if I have tea for breakfast!
As for the rest of the day, it depends. I write or re-read my patterns in the morning, especially when I need to check a lot of size calculation… Tedious but so important ! But I can also work my needle when I’m looking for the best technique for a pattern, and it can take me long. I can spend a whole day swatching and continue late in the evening ; so long as I’m not satisfy, I’ll tink. That’s the rule. Yet, one thing I rarely do is working on several projects at the same time. I like seeing my work moving forward, so having one ongoing knitting project and one crochet project is fine for me. And, sometimes, I sew. I love sewing but I haven’t got enough time at the moment, so I make choices…

  • How would you define your style?

Classical, but not only… I like sober shapes and I add a small detail, that’s it.  I’m absolutely fond of vintage patterns for babies. I often go through my old "Tricotons sa layette" magazines, thinking that maybe, one day, I’ll create a specific blog about them… But as usual, I really lack time ! Thanks to these magazines, I designed  "Barbotine", while using new Anglo-Saxon techniques.

  • What are you working on at the moment?

As a matter of fact, I’m on a vintage hat and booties project. But I won’t tell you more, come and see my blog in mid-November…


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Christine sells her designs on Ravelry but Sinfoni is in French only for the moment. Maybe one day in English on Ravelry!

Visit Christine's blog; it's in French but even if you cannot read it, she takes gorgeous pictures of her knits.


Thanks a lot Christine for this partnership with PurPle Laines!