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Ramble by Drea Renee Knits

One more fantastic design by Andrea Mowry: Ramble

The shawl


Rambling with this elegant shawl on your shoulders would be such a lovely hike! You may wear it as Andrea does, in a casual style, with jeans, checked shirt... But wouldn't be as beautiful in town, over your winter coat? It certainly would because Andrea plays with classics on this design. 

Andrea uses two stitches, both timeless : garter stitch and brioche. This striped garter stitches plays down the whole design, makes it look simple and brings "squishiness". We all know how comfortable garter stitch is to wear. As for the brioche section, it gives the pattern its style and its textured fabric, stressed by the contrast of the two colors she used. The cream Herringbone edges are highlighted by the intensity ot the background color. Thus, it will be important to maintain this contrast between your colors if you are to have the same effect as Andrea's.

Now, ever since Stephen West has started to work his patterns in brioche, we come across a variety of designs made in brioche stitch on variegated, multi-colored yarns. Andrea's pattern would also be perfect for that type of interpretation.

Brioche requires experience and diligence at first, but once you'll master this technique, a whole world of patterns will be tempting you. So it is really worth it to try and learn it. There are so many tutorials on You tube you can watch to complete Andrea's indications if you are a learner.


My hand dyed yarns for this shawl

In its original yarn (not sold on PurPle Laines), the shawl is 173 cm wide and 56 cm at the base. 4 skeins of my new DK base will be necessary to knit this shawl.