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Madeleine is so cute in her Porcelaine, this adorable "steeks" cardi designed and knitted by Sandrine...

A fairisle Cardigan


Steeks? Are you familliar with this technique?

For this new creation, Sandrine wanted to test a new knitting technique, one commonly used in Scandinavia or the Shetlands for Fairisle works. Indeed, in these countries, knitters work the fabric in one piece and then cut it into two! The borders are secured by sewn bias which give the garment  neat finishing. This technique may be impressive but Sandrine does tempt us, doesn't she?

This cute Fairisle cardigan is worked from botton to top, on a circular needle, in British wool. The fronts are cut at the end of the work only. Many videos on "steeks" were shot and are available online.



To make Porcelaine...

image droite

Porcelaine is available in 5 sizes : 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 years old.

7 colours of  British wool are necessary. Sandrine's main colour is oatmeal , which is sprinkled with pink, raspeberry, Nothern Sea, duck blue, mustard and olive.  Naturally, you can change the colours, greyish beige, natural, navy, or mauve would make gorgeous main colours for instance;

The pattern in English is dowloadable from Ravelry , but you'll find useful details on  Porcelaine's page as well. Do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to be advised to change the colours.



Another superb design by Sandrine whom I wish to thank.