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Ezia by L'île aux Fils

Because you never have the right one in your wardrobe, because you like knitting a new one for each season, Bérangère designed Ezia for you!

  • How long have you been knitting and who taught you?

My mum did when I was a child. I've always seen my mother knitting and my 3 brothers and I only wore handmade pullovers. I remember the 1st sweater I made: a design made of blue, red and yellow squares that you would sew together at the end and that I never wore, its shape looking too weird really!  I stopped knitting in my teenage years but started again and never stopped when my 1st child was born. Thanks to the Internet I  realized that knitting was not the business of one single yarn brand and that the world was brimming with gorgeous and unrivalled yarns and patterns.

  •     How old are you?

I'm 39 (ouch!)

  •    Do you have a job or has knitting become your main activity? 

I'm a nursery school teacher, I work part-time, which leaves me some time to knit and design patterns, as well as to take care of my 3 kids and home. It would be a dream to be able to live on knitting only ! Since I was young, I've always felt attracted by handicraft and I tried many other techniques : tapestry, carpets where you have to tie a thread of yarn with a metallic tool, spindle lace, cross stitch and sewing recently, which I truly enjoy (even if the results are not as satisfactory as with knitting!) My maths studies also help me a lot to design my patterns.

  •     Quote 3 knitting designers you love...

Isabell Kraemer because I really like the style of her designs, basics with a touch of originality that makes the piece unique. Then, Joji locatelli because I'm impressed by her productivity and the variety of her style even if I don't like them all. And, Stephen West. My 1st shawl was one of his patterns: Boneyard shawl. Stephen started creating patterns in which he would play with colours and stripes on rather classical shapes. His talent now enables him to let himself go to more artistic designs, in shapes but also in the palette he chooses and even if his latest pattern are less easy to wear daily, I can only admire his creative extravagance put to good use in knitting technique. 

  •    How does your creative process work? 

When I want to ceate a design, I draw the finale shape I'm looking for, roughly on a sheet of paper. From this drawing, I design the pattern around the yarn and the yardage I have, but not in details because I can't resist making  the 1st stitches. I knit, take notes and most often, new ideas come to my mind while knitting, so that I take a different direction from what I had imaged at first. This is what I like in designing, your design comes up, little by little, both in your mind and in your hands. I couldn' tell what inspires me really but usually the starting point is the shape I want to get, whether it be by using various stitches or colours.

  •    How would you define your style?

Oh, difficult to say... I like to think that I add a touch of modernity to classical shapes.

  •     What do you knit at the moment?

At the moment, I knit a small merino and alpaca cover for an unborn baby.

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Today Bérangère is tempting us with her cardigan Ezia (more photos on Le blog PurPle and the pattern page). Worked top down and in the round, its yoke with thin cables captures the whole beauty of the pattern. Berangère paid great care to finishing by placing a contrasting I-Cord all around the garment. It was made in PurPle Chinée, you can also make a softer and plain version in Cascade Venezia sport.

To make Ezia, you'll need:

- some PurPle Chinée (quantities on Ezia page) for main colour and 30 g of PurPle Chinée in border colour

- one 3.5 mm circular needle

- 3 ring markers

- a crochet hook and waste yarn

- 8 or 9 buttons

- Ezia pdf file (sold exclusively on PurPle Laines, sent by mail)

Visit Bérangère on her blog, L'île aux Fils.

Thank you Bérangère for this smart design.