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Boho Crochet Necklace

We're back to work now... The sky gets darker... What could be best than escaping in Cécile Balladino's colourful world?



Cécile Balladino, a crochet addict...


Cécile, the author of Crochet Bohème, grew up in the 70s. Kitsch colours attracted her, as kids  are often fascinated by these shades. She could knit before she could read and enjoyed knitting for many years before starting crochet. Being left-handed, nobody could teach her and crochet seemed inaccessible to her.

But then, enthralled by colours and nice fibers, Cécile decide to learn how to crochet... with her right hand!

We know the results of her efforts thanks to her blog  Eclectic Gipsyland  or through her book, Crochet Bohème.

Cécile is fond of Kaffe Fassett's work and didn't miss the exhibitions devoted to the artist, this summer, in London. She's created herself a unique and colourful univers, a ticket to visit the World of Colours! Will you follow her there?

A crochet necklace...

image droite

Did you know that  her book is a treasure trove of crocheted wonders? This necklace for instance... How could we resist its charm?

The necklace is made of tiny crocheted circles. It is completed with hand-painted wooden beads and a few trinkets.

You can wear it in summer on a natural top, or in winter on a black dress. A sure style for success!

You'll find all the details you need in Cécile's book, which is waiting for you here. The book is in French but the diagrams are sufficient to work the designs.

Thank you Cécile for your innovative and delightful book...