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A Hint of Summer

You're not ready for a thick yarn project yet? Here is the perfect mid-season knit to discover with designer Isabell Kraemer!

Who is Isabell Kraemer?


I was not in the least suprised when Lilalu (this is Isabell's pseudo on Ravelry) told me that she was a "fully qualified dressmaker with a lot of creativity". Isabell's designs are very successful on Ravelry and this doesn't happen by accident. Her grandmother was a knitter, but though she tried to teach Isabell, the young girl was not that fond of knitting at the time. Later, when she was 12 years old, Isabell taught herself looking at old knitting books. 30 years later, she designs casual cardigans and sweaters, usually "classy with a modern touch", she confesses. And when Isabell isn't knitting, she's teaching craft to kids.

Isabell leads a busy life, especially at the moment as she's working in collaboration with yarn companies such as Swans Island Yarns or Kelbourne Woolens. She will soon publish new patterns: kids’ sweaters, a new striped sweater and a new colour-block sweater which uses the contiguous set-in-sleeves method of SusieM. She's just published Phillipa (available mid August) which can be made in PurPle Santiago.

A Hint of Summer is a very light, striped sweater to wear in mid-season as it was designed in Coast by Holst Garn (Cotton and merino blend) and in a pure merino wool to add some fiber contrast. It seemed to me that working some Coast with some Fonty Kidopale would have the most gorgeous effect. You'll find the photos of all the possible associations on Le Blog PurPle. The sweater is worked top-down, in the round. It has 3/4 sleeves.

What do you need to knit A Hint of Summer?

image droite

If you wish to make this sweater, you'll need:

  • 430 (475, 520, 550, 585, 635, 685, 740) meters or 470 (517, 567, 600, 637, 692, 746, 806) yd of each color, one in Coast (50g= 350m) and one in Kidopale (50g= 500m). Please look at the colours you can match on Le Blog PurPle.
    For ¾ sleeves please add about. 75 (80, 86, 93, 100, 104, 108, 115) meters or 82 (87, 93, 102, 109, 114, 117, 125) yd of each color/fiber.
  • Lilalu's pattern to download  on Ravelry
  • One 3 mm, 3.5 mm and 4 mm circular needle.

Thanks a lot Isabell for your answers and for sharing this design with PurPle Laines' readers.