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A garden in the house

Summertime being almost over, PurPle Laines suggests you let your garden come into your house with Me and Mo...

Flowers all year round


Wandering haphazardly on Ravelry, I came across Me and Mo and her cute chair cover. The project was too lovely not to write an article about it.

Mo and Me, German crocheteer, used to hold a colourful blog in 2010. She seems to lack time to carry on but there remains her "garden hanging on a medaillon chair"; I hope you'll find the idea inspiring.

Mo and Me worked a large number of afghan hexagons thanks to Lucy's tutorial, published on Attic 24.The base and the back are covered with these hexagons while a large natural border lined up of turqoise covers the sides. Some flowers were added, as well as a few tassels.

It seems worth noticing that the shapes of the medaillon chair adds to the charm of the project. Its romantico-bohemian style fits its round lines. Also, to create harmony, the legs of the chair are the same colour as the main colour of the crocheted work.

A few tips to make yours...

image droite

This  project could be done in  Natura Just cotton by DMC. This cotton should be strong enough to resist rubbing. The 60 colour palette will enable you to find the shades that will fit your own home decor. The yarn will be worked in single thread (in 3 mm) or doubled (in 3.5 or  4 mm) to be even more resistent. Looking at the photo, we can hardly count how many colours were used, but 12 seems to a minimum: some natural as the main colour, then some blues, one red, one burgundy, some yellows, some purples, one orange, a light green...

As for  Lucy's tutorial, it is really clear because of the close-up photos and detailled text. It's written in English.

Thank you  Mo and Me for this lovely creative idea; hope you can find some time to publish on your blog again sometime. Thank you Lucy for your detailled and comprehensive tutorial!