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A baby blanket by Maanel

Such a perfect project for beginners, or busy future mums, or grand-mothers wishing to start using circular needles... A baby cover with a straight-lines design made by Maanell!

Who is Maanel?


Maanel is Belgian. She lives near Gand with her husband and daughter. They speak Dutch but Manuel can also speak English.

A passionate knitter, Maanel piles up lovely works in her  Ravelry gallery, wher you'll find many shawls. She's also designed quite a few patterns herself, such as this baby cover.

As many of us, Maanel knits and crochets every day. She 'really needs “creativity” in [her] life and can’t live without [her] knitting, sewing projects and embroidery.'


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Hopefully, this project will be the opportunity for you to live knitting differently. I'm particularly talking to beginners or to those who restrain themselves from using circular needles by fear of  having a less regular result than with straight needles.

Maanel's explanations are very simple. The bottom, the sides and the top are worked in seeds stitch. The main part is in stockinette. No decreases whatsoever. Maanel asks us to use stitch markers to help us see the design. You won't get lost.

The cover is 19" wide and 27 " high, so you can make it on straight needles but you'll feel more comfortable on a circular needle; you'll turn your work after each row. Our first knits on circular needles may not be as regular as on straight needles; so to let you take the time to improve in terms of regularity, I suggest you knit this cover in PurPle Merino wool.


PurPle Merino will be soft and easy to wash, which is essential for a baby cover. It does slide wonderfully on your needles so that will be great for beginners. And, working stockinette stitch with this yarn is very rewarding as it make the most regular work possible, so that it will balance the possible faults due to a lack of experience on a circular needle.

So? Convinced now? Are you getting into it?

You'll need: - 200 g of  PurPle Merino ( haphazardly dark grey, natural, navy, red, light grey...)

                      - one  US 6 (or US 4 if your knits are loose) circular needle ( 32" long minimum)

                      - 2 stitch markers

                      - Maanel's  free pattern on  Ravelry

Thank you so much Maanel for sharing this project with us and for this cute idea!