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Terms and conditions of the online yarn boutique PurPle Laines

  1. Extend and definitions of the terms and conditions.

The following terms and conditions apply to the online shop Purple Laines accessible on (hereafter called “the website”) via the website as well as they apply to the orders placed on the website.

In these terms and conditions, “we/our” will be used to refer to Purple laines while “You/your” will refer to the website users and customers.

“Purple Laines” and the “customer” are collectively referred to as “the parties”

When a customer clicks on “Validate your order “that supposes he/she has bought the items and accepted the present terms and conditions.

If one condition happened to be missing, it would be ruled by French laws and customs although the website is also written in English. Any dispute between the parties, within the framework of this sale contract, if they fail to come to an amicable agreement, will be ruled by Roanne Tribunal de Commerce.


We reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any moment. In that case, the terms applied will be those in force at the time of your order.


We thank you to read these terms and conditions thoroughly;


  1. The company

Business name: PurPle Laines

Person in charge : Mrs Marie - Line André

Address: Place James Heddleson

Post code: 42114

City: Saint Cyr de Valorges

Country: FRANCE

Phone number: +33 (0)4 77 64 96 25

Email address:


Business number: 752 918 532 00017

APE code: 4791B


  1.    Conditions of sales

Your order is considered as your acceptance of our offer and more particularly of the price, of the items selected, of the required payment as well as of the delivery method put forward. In  consequence, when confirming your order, you accept being bound by this contact.

 We promise to honor the order we receive within the limit of available stock. If the item you ordered is not available but tagged “deliverable within 2 weeks”, we’ll email you within 3 working days on the availability of the items at our supplier and we will cancel your order of the missing item if it isn’t available at our stockist. We would particularly like to draw your attention on Noro yarns; not being produced in France, if our supplier no longer has the item in stock, a 3 month delay is necessary for them to stock up. In that case, we cannot be held responsible and we will suggest either to replace the missing item by another one of your choice and of the same price, or to refund the missing item within 7 working days after you receive our email for “missing item”. In the case when only some ordered items wouldn’t be available within 2 weeks, we’ll send you the remainder within 5 working days (French orders only).


The photographs and texts that illustrate items are non-binding. Should they be erroneous, Purple Laines could not be held responsible. Only the information on the weight of balls and their length are provided by our suppliers. All other information on yarns is indicative only. The colors of the photographed items are non-binding and may be perceived differently from one screen to another.  

If some of our wools happened to have received a mothproof treatment from our wholesalers, leaving a peculiar smell on the yarn, Purple Laines' responsibility would not be engaged. The smell would soon pass after washing.

The yarns sold by grams are weighed on a scale precise to 1 gram, accepted as complying with French norms in terms of   weighing.


We encourage you to order the yarns in sufficient quantities as we cannot guaranty that the yarn will be delivered in the same lot number in case of back order. Purple Laines cannot be held responsible for the use of different lot numbers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  1. Prices

Prices are in euro.  Only for your information, Purple Laines provides you with estimated prices in US dollar and British pound. The payment will only be made in euros and Purple Laines cannot be held responsible for the difference between the estimated price in US dollars or British pounds and the real price depending on the rate of exchange at the time of the bank transaction.  Purple Laines promises to update the euro/US dollar and euro/pound rates of exchange once a week, excepting when the company is closed for holidays.


Prices are net; in accordance with article B293 of “CGI”, Purple Laines does not apply VAT.

Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.


  1. Paying

The acceptance of your order is dependent on the validation of the payment.

 Purple Laines accepts the following means of payment: credit card (Mastercard or Visa), French checks, or Paypal.


Should your payment not be validated by the credit card issuer or should it be fraudulent, or in case of reasonable suspicion of fraud, your order will be refused and cancelled automatically.  In order to limit fraud risks, we opted for a 3D Secure payment. After having validated your order, your bank will ask you a code or a private question to make sure the payment was made by the owner of the card.


If you choose to pay by check (French Bank only), please note that your order will be shipped after cashing only, that is to say within 10 working days of reception of your check. The invoice number will have to be sent with the check.



  1. Delays and deliveries

Purple Laines promises to send paid orders of in stock goods with a maximum of 5 working days. We will always do our best to send you the items as soon as possible.


Purple Laines’ responsibility will not be engaged in case of delayed delivery or delayed shipping due to unexpected events such as strikes, power or internet cuts, computer virus, heavy snowfalls on St Cyr de Valorges and its surroundings and generally speaking, any event preventing us from treating the order properly and on time. In case the parcel wouldn’t have been shipped after 30 days, you will be able to cancel this sale contract, without compensations.


Goods are sent in Colissimo or Lettre Max (for small parcels sent in Metropolitan France only) by La Poste everywhere in the world. The shipping charges are calculated on the basis of La Poste rates, depending on the weight of the parcel: goods+box /envelop+ other items slipped in the parcel.

7. Withdrawal and returns
In accordance with provisions of article L.121-20 and according to “Code de la consummation”, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 7 days of receipt of the order. However, no withdrawal period will be granted on tailor-cut orders, that is to say on the yarns sold by grams. The goods must be returned in the conditions they were sent. Any purchase that would have been damaged or used will neither be refunded nor exchanged. The return fees are to be paid by the buyer. Refunding will be done within a maximum of 15 working days, either by check, wire or Paypal depending on the means of payment initially used by the buyer. Prior to any return, you will have to inform us. We will give you a return number. The goods will have to be sent to Purple Laines.  Should these conditions not be respected (damaged or goods, lack of return number), the goods will be sent back to you in carriage forward.

Purple Laines endeavors to select quality yarns but cannot guaranty that they will have no defect at all (knots, brittle threads, fluffy yarns). In consequence, no return will be accepted for defective yarns.

8. Copyright
In accordance of law #98-536 of July 1st 1998, all the elements of Purple Laines website, visual or sound, are protected by copyright. They exclusively belong to Purple Laines Company.  No one may extract, re-use, stock, reproduce, represent or keep some or all of this website without our consent first. Purple Laines is a brand name protected by the “INPI”; all creative photographs of the yarns we sell as well as the French translation of the knitting patterns are protected and must not be re-used, copied or imitated.

9. Privacy Policy
Name details being necessary to the treatment, delivery of orders, writing of invoices, collecting information as part of online sale is compulsory. These pieces of information are confidential and only used by Purple Laines. In accordance with law #78-17 of January 1978 on computing, files and freedom, the treatment of personal details collected on have been declared to the “CNIL”.  The user may have access to his/her data, modify, rectify and suppress it.  The user can ask for it at this address: