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Purple Laines promises to send paid orders of in stock goods with a maximum of 5 working days. We will always do our best to send you the items as soon as possible.

We ship worldwide.

Purple Laines’ responsibility will not be engaged in case of delayed delivery or delayed shipping due to unexpected events such as strikes, power or internet cuts, computer virus, heavy snowfalls on St Cyr de Valorges and its surroundings and generally speaking, any event preventing us from treating the order properly and on time. In case the parcel wouldn’t have been shipped after 30 days, you will be able to cancel this sale contract, without compensations.

Goods are sent in Colissimo international or Lettre (for small parcels up to 50g ) by La Poste everywhere in the world. The shipping charges are calculated on the basis of La Poste rates, depending on the weight of the parcel: goods+box /envelop+ other items slipped in the parcel. We cannot offer our customers fixed postal charges because of the yarn sold by grams and the very small quantities that we ship.

For EU orders, PurPle Laines will offer half the shipping fees applied by La Poste for a Colissimo shipping if your order reaches 500g of yarn minimum. For instance, the shipping fees to the UK for 500g of yarn will only be 7.43€ instead of the 12.19€ charged by la Poste.

The best thing to do to know the exact amount of your shipping costs is to put the items in your shopping bag and to validate it (you will be able to cancel the order very easily before paying it) so your charges will be calculated.