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Tiny ADDI circular needle - 3 mm

Tiny ADDI circular needle - 3 mm - 8181651323_aiguille-circulaire-addi-pour-chaussette-20-cm-purple-laines-(2).jpg  Tiny ADDI circular needle - 3 mm - 3683003991_aiguille-circulaire-addi-pour-chaussette-20-cm-purple-laines-(1).jpg 

Tiny little circular needle by ADDI, for mini knits in the round. This needle is 9in long which will enable you to work in the round socks, gloves, mitts, baby sleeves... without resorting to Magic Loop or DPNs. They are easier to use than it may seem; some knitters are fan of theses needles, others prefer their DPNs. Test them yourself!


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