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About us

PurPle Laines is a small company I created to share with you my passion for beautiful yarns, knitting and crochet. On PurPle Laines, you’ll receive a welcoming smile. I wish to apply my knowledge in knitting to serve you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need some technical advice or to match colours.

In love with colours…
I truly lament the recurrence of black, grey or brown in winter garments collections. So to help you “live out yarn in colour”, I wanted you to have a “tool” to match colours for your creative projects. Thanks to “Match your colours”, you can place up to 10 colours side by side.

As our life flies by, we often lack time to look for nice ideas. In “Inspiration” I suggest colours matching ideas, integrated in various environments. And, because the planet is full of talented creators, PurPle Laines proposes creation ideas made by knitters or do-it-yourselfers. You’ll find these ideas in the “Creator’s Corner”.

Yarn by grams:
Why selling yarn by 10g? Two reasons to that:
- to enable you to colour more your creations but for a low price. You no longer have to buy 10 times 50 g of yarn for your granny squares for instance, while 20g per colour might be enough
- to reduce the number of loose ends to weave in your knits. Depending on the yarn, I can make skeins of over 50g, which means that you’ll have fewer threads to hide.


Where is the company?
PurPle Laines is in my house, at the core of the French countryside, in Loire and in altitude. The climate is harsh in winter; it makes us feel like knitting. The tiny village where the company is makes an ideal frame to take nice photos of the yarns.

I hope you will be charmed by and satisfied with my choices. See you soon on PurPle Laines.